Family News 2015


Date night was in order for mom and dad after a fun filled Christmas. We got to take a night out to see the comedy show Laugh a Thon with 4 different comedians that had both of us laughing all night at the YUM center. So glad we have so many nieces that like to babysit :-)


This month we were able to find out the gender of out newest addition to the family. The boys of course wanted another boy but mommy REALLY was hoping for a baby girl..... and drum roll...... ITS A GIRL!!!! Yayyyy...... :-) Mommy and Daddy couldn't be happier. Roc even found a pink bmw stroller that he wanted to purchase until we found out that it was a specially made item just for the upcoming princess of New England lol. Here are our first glimpses of our little princess.


Its basketball season in our house. Keyon is playing basketball on team for the first time. He didn't make the 6th grade team at his school, but we were able to sign him up for a local church team at Valley View Church. Keyon learned very quickly that playing basketball on the XBox 360 is nothing like playing in real life. Its a lot of work to build a strong team and work well together, but towards the end of the year he became a real asset to the team making most of the rebounds throughout the whole game. He had a lot of fun and hopefully this will help him with 7th grade tryouts next year.
We also had another little athlete in the family start his first gymnastics classes, Junie. He started taking the toddler classes at SIGS with daddy. He had so much fun jumping on the trampoline, swinging on the bars into the foam pit, walking on the balance beam and running around. Sometimes he got a little too excited and knocked over the other kiddos getting to the next activity, oops.



This month the easter bunny came by with lots and lots of candy and goodies for the boys. Junie loved the easter bunny and took a cute picture with him at the Kroger down the street from our house. Mom and Dad also got a nice gift from the easter bunny a new fence. We had been planning to get one since we moved in, but finally got a good price from some guys we found on Craigslist and they even worked on it Easter day while we had an easter egg hunt in the backyard.


Our baby girl was born, Lyla Mollymarie Hayes, weighing in at 7 pounds and 10 ounces, and 19 inches long, on June 29th at 3:30PM. She is so beautiful and perfect in every way. She is breastfeeding like  champ at all hours of the day and night. I just can't stop taking pictures of her beautiful face, so in love!!