Family News 2012 - 2014



This month has been an eventful one so far. The boys have gotten into the swing of things with the new school year. Jeremiah and Keyon are both at the same school this year, Cane Run Elementary in their 4th grade year. They spent a whole week of school at the zoo studying the reptiles, amphibians and mammals. Jeremiah and Keyon both enjoyed the lions and gorillas the best. Jeremiah was even brave enough to touch a python. Ra'Shaad is doing well at his new school, Watterson, enjoying learning how to write all the letters of the alphabet in his first year of full day kindergarten. Jerrar is also back in school finishing up his final year of HVAC training at JCC. Working all day and school all night is tough but he's doing great.
All three boys are doing great in football this year with the Rams. Keyon is getting lots of tackles and Jeremiah is doing great at punting. Ra'Shaad is in his first year as a Mighty Mite and enjoying every minute of it. This week the Peewee's played the Jets and won their game 12 - 0. It was a tough game but they came through and held onto their undefeated record so far. Mighty Mites tried their best but did not win this week.
I am in the third trimester of my pregnancy with only 3 weeks remaining before Jerrar Junior arrives. Feet are swollen and sleep is sporadic but it will all be worth it when I can hold my little man in my arms and kiss his face. The nursery is all ready for his arrival, we have the crib, the changing table, the clothes and toys. Grandma Molly will arrive on October 3rd so I am hoping he waits until she gets here. Here is a picture of our baby at 20 weeks. We should be getting an update picture on the 21st of this month.
This month Keyon also turned 9! Wow growing up so fast. He had a birthday party with all his friends and family in the backyard. Jerrar grilled hamburgers and hotdogs while the kids jumped on the trampoline and bounced in the bounce house. The theme was spider-man and I attempted to make a chocolate spider-man cake which didn't exactly look like the character  but still tasted good. Everyone had a great time especially the birthday boy.
This week both our kids' teams won! Peewee's beat the redskins and so did our Mighty Mites, yay!! Here are some pictures. The first pic is Keyon going going for a tackle, you can see Jeremiah in the background. The second picture is of Jeremiah getting ready to punt the ball and the last one is Rashaad in the white helmet.


So we got an updated picture of Junior, well his foot and head. He was tap dancing with his toes for us during the ultra sound. It's a little hard to see but his foot is heel upwards. We also got a picture of his big head, which scared me a little because I have to push it out very soon lol. The picture on the right is of his head laying sideways to the right. Doc said his heart and lungs are strong though so that was good to hear. The next picture should be with him in my arms :-)
The baby has not made his appearance yet, I am hoping he will be here very soon. I am due on Sunday and doc said she will induce me next week if he hasn't arrived by then. I guess he is just a little bit too comfy in my tummy. I have tried taking long walks and jumping jacks but no contractions yet. Grandma Molly came in town last Wednesday and she has been helping with all the last minute things like laundry and organizing which has been awesome. She has also been having fun with the boys, they carved pumpkins and made chocolate chip cookies. I guess they were good cause Jerrar has gobbled most of them down already lol.
Jerrar Junior was born! He arrived at 6:27PM at 9 pounds 5 ounces and 21 inches long. He was too big to come out naturally so we had to do a c-section, but he is healthy so we are happy. Our whole family is very much in love with him.


 Jerrar Jr is 6 weeks old today. We just had a check up at the doctor and he is already 11 pounds 6 ounces. The boy sure does love to eat! Roc had to return to work on Monday after having 6 weeks of paternity leave which was very much appreciated. We were both able to really bond with him. I am still at home with him until the 1st of the year which is great because I am definitely not ready to leave him.  Here's a pic of him at six weeks takin a bath.
Happy Thanksgiving! We spent ours over Roc's mom's house with his whole family. We had a lot of great food and laughs while all of his auntie's passed the baby around. Then we all came home and put up our Christmas tree. The boys have already started making their wish lists for Santa.... hope santa and mrs. clause win the lottery before Christmas.



A new year is here and we are back to our regular routine again. I am back at work, Junior is in daycare and the boys start back to school on Monday. It has been quite and eventful year for us with lots of positive changes and good memories. We recently celebrated Ra'Shaad's 6th birthday with a WWE party at skyzone sports. We all had a great time jumping around on the trampolines and eating cake and pizza.
We are focused on our goals for the new year which are good health and financial success. Roc and I would like to purchase a house next year so we have really reviewed our finances and created a budget and savings schedule that should help us reach our goals. We have also decided to get in shape so we joined the YMCA which is great because there are things for our whole family to do. Roc and I like to get on the treadmills and the weight machine while Junior is in the daycare and Keyon gets to swim in the pool. So far we have been making it to the gym twice a week, fingers crossed we will be in shape before our family trip to Hawaii in September :-)


February we have been trying to continue to improve our finances which meant less going out and more staying in. So hubby and I came up with some fun family night ideas that we can do at home. Our first one this month was indoor camping. We made some tents out of sheets and chairs, then we made some glow in the dark fire flies and we watched a movie. Here we all are in our tent with our fire flies.
   see them glow :-)
We also finally got a nice weather day so the boys got a chance to use their new bikes they got for Christmas. Hubby taught Ra'Shaad how to ride his two wheeler. It was fun to watch Roc try to keep up and to see Ra'Shaad finally stay on his bike after many falls, we were all proud of him. You can see in the last pic he's got the hang of it.
 Last but not least, Junie is 4 months old yayy. He's rolling over, talking (nothing we can understand but he's trying), laughing and lots of fun. He also took his first plane ride to New Jersey where he met his new best buddy Mateo and his auntie Remi. Unfortunately it was right at the time when the storm hit so we couldn't go anywhere, but we had a good time anyway. We are missing our Jersey fam already!


March was a difficult month for us with Junie's leg injury. We had to stay in the hospital for five days and our entire family was very stressed trying to determine what could be wrong. It ended up being a very mild femer fracture that came from an injury occuring while he was in a jumper at his daycare. Thankfully he has fully recovered and is happily rolling around and doesn't seem to have been delayed by the ordeal at all. We are very blessed!
After lots of stress we decided our whole family needed a vacation, so we packed up and went to Panama City Beach, Florida for a vacation during the boys' spring break. It was a ten hour ride so we rented a minivan, the only available rental that would hold all 6 of us, even though I have very been adamant about never driving one. But me and Roc had to admit that it was a pretty sweet ride, we had two dvd players, Roc had plenty of leg room, and enough space for all of our stuff. We have learned the key to a long ride with children is leave in the middle of the night and get them to sleep for almost 8 hours of the ride :-) 
We had a great time, it was the all the kids first time at the beach and everyone can't wait to return.


In late April, Junie and I took a short trip to Seattle to surprise my mom for her birthday. It was hard to trick her because she knows everything, but my dad and I pulled it off. She thought she was picking up his friend from the airport so she was walking around the baggage claim area looking for an older Cuban man when I called out for her, and she was totally shocked lol. In fact her first words were "what are you doing here?" lol. Even though it was very difficult to travel alone with a baby on such a long flight, it was worth the trip because Junie got to know his grandparents and most of my side of his family. I even got to take him to my favorite wire swing at Mt. Baker park where I spent 80% of my childhood, which was very special to me. Her are a few pictures from our trip.


So school is finally over and the kids are enjoying their summer break. Keyon had 5 grading periods of all As and Bs which made his father and I very proud! He worked very hard all year long to improve his math, reading and writing which he made great strides on. Next year he will be starting a traditional school, Carter elementary, which will be great for him because the school won the top apple award last year. Rashaad graduated kindergarten at Watterson and Jeremiah finished his fourth grade year at Cochran elementary.
We are still trying our best to save money but this month Roc had a lot to celebrate with fathers day, turning 30 and our one year anniversary. The boys all got up early and we made breakfast for him and each of the kids read him a card they made and then they sang him a song they wrote. It was very cute and I think they made Roc really happy.
We also decided to splurge a bit for his 30th b-day and our anniversary so he and I went out to dinner and then saw the Cirque Du Soleil show Quidam. We had a great time :-)


This has been the rainiest July I have ever seen in Kentucky. Unfortunately we have not been able to play outside too much this summer, but we did take a trip to Indiana and play in the water anyway. There is an indoor water park in French Lick, IN called Splash adventure with water rides, a lazy river, pools, baby water swing and even a hot tub for me to relax in. We found a coupon on Groupon and saved a lot of money and had a lot of fun. This month football has already started and the boys are on three different teams this year. Rashaad is still a mighty mite, Keyon a peewee and now JJ is a Junior. They are very excited, but it is a lot of work for us parents. We have to get them to practice everyday of the week plus go to three different games every weekend, but they love it so its worth it. Junie is getting big, he weighed in at 21 pounds at his doctor appointment and he is even taking a few steps on his own. Its very fun to watch and he is very proud of himself, stopping to clap for himself afterwards. He should be walking very soon, yay because he is very heavy to carry.


The end of the summer has arrived. Junie is a regular walker now and getting into everything he can reach. His walk still looks a little frankenstein like and his arms always go in the air, but it is very cute. Keyon, Roc, Junie and I took a short trip to Washington DC where we got to see one of my besties Jenny and my god daughter Jordyn. We also got to see my Auntie Angel and have dinner with them. That was a lot of fun, we even had some time to see some sites, we took a tour to the beareau of engraving where all of our money is made and we went to the natural history museum which is awesome. So much to see, you could really spend a few days learning and enjoying all the fun exhibits.


I also got a new job, still working at Humana but no longer in Finance. I am have started a new position in Medicaid compliance and I am really enjoying it so far. This is my first time working for a female manager and she is great, as well as my new coworkers are all nice people too. They are all lawyers other than one project manager, so its nice that no one steps on each others toes for projects.

The kids have also started school, everyone is at a new school this year and its going well so far. Keyon is at Carter, which he really likes a lot and seems to be doing great according to his teachers on open house night. And JJ and Rashaad are enjoying seeing each other at Jacob elementary and both like their teachers. Roc has also started back at school and getting closer to finishing up his degree. He also recieved his apprenticeship card and is hoping to move into a better position at work once he takes his jouneymens test.  
Last but not least Junie was baptised at our church Bates Memorial Baptist Church on August 10, 2013. The whole family came out to stand with us as we promised to guide him towards the Lord, show him God's love and teach him how to be faithful.


Time sure does seem to fly by fast. I can't believe Junie is already 1! Hooray :-) Mommy and Daddy stayed up until 3AM making his first birthday cake and we celebrated at Chuck E cheese with his cousins. I was worried that he might be scared of chucky at first, but not at all... he loved him. In fact he loves everyone, if we are in a mall he will go hug the sales ladies, or if we are in Walgreens he will let the women pick him up and coo over him lol. He is definitely the opposite of shy with the ladies lol.


This month we also celebrated Halloween... always fun. We did not carve pumpkins this year but we did make spiders and hung them from our front porch to scare any visitors. The hardest part of it all was choosing Junie's costume. I bought Junie a teddy bear outfit... Roc said that was not manly enough and returned it. Then I wanted a puppy, he said no, a dragon, he said no, but we finally at the last minute agreed on a bat.


Rashaad's team made it all the way to the championship game! Go Rashaad!!! The team went all out and got the kids a limo to ride to the stadium in style. They did not end up winning the game but they played hard.


The holidays are always fun and we like to celebrate with the kids throughout the whole month. We started off by taking pictures with Santa at Bass Pro shops. Mom and dad stood in line for a long long time but it was worth it. They had so much fun stuff for the kids to do in the meantime, fake snowball fights, carousels, stocking decorating, and even remote control car races. I think this might become a family tradition since everyone had such a good time, and everything was free! yay for the parents!
 The next weekend we all listened to our Christmas music and put up our 1st tree. The older boys also took an art class at the Carnegie Art Center and made some really cute owl ornaments for our Chritmas tree.
The next weekend we put up our 2nd tree in the basement, the one Santa visits, with the help of Jakoyia (our little sister with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program). The kids also made their wish lists. The next weekend was Rashaad's 7th birthday which we enjoyed with all his cousins who stayed for a sleep over. We also went to see the movie Frozen in 3D. Wasn't sure if the boys would like it since the main character is a princess, but it was a winner with everyone, even Junie. The following week was Christmas eve, and Chritsmas morning. Dad read "Twas the night before Christmas" and everyone had fun opening presents all morning and playing with their toys and tablets. We had M&M pancakes for breakfast and I think our whole family really had a great holiday season. Now us parents need to recover.... me and Roc had a few days off after Christmas and all the older boys were spending time with their moms, so we had some fun one on one time with Junebug.


January 2014

This month was the coldest winter we had in a long time in Louisville. The kids ended up with so many days off of school due to inclement weather conditions that they had to pass a law with the board to reduce the total required days they had to attend this school year. It did make for great snow man and snow ball fight opportunities though. Junie mostly enjoyed lots of taste testing.

February 2014

We lost a father and grandfather that we loved very much. Roc's dad Darryl Brents passed at his home on Febuary 11th, 2014. It still doesn't seem real that he's gone, but everyone is trying to do their best to cope and understand that he is in a better place where he doesn't have to suffer anymore. We will miss his warm hugs, his loud laughs and jokes and his love and willingness to be there when we needed him. He will forever be in our hearts and with us at every Louisville game in spirit. RIP.

 March 2014

After a very sad time in February we all needed some cheering up. We made it to the Louisville Zoo too see the gorillas, and lions, and bears oh my... we got really lucky and had beatiful weather. We even got all the kids in free with the Clarksville Parks and Recreation program. We also brought Keyon's friend Stevie with us. They are an awesome program where they take the kids on all sorts of  fun activities like bowling and gattiland all for free, and you know we are all about free, especially while we are in the process of searching for a new home. Roc and I have been on the hunt for a little while now, our realtor Keith has taken us to see many many many houses, but none that we have fallen in love with yet.

April 2014

This month the weather had just started to warm up enough to go outside without looking like mummies. Keyon and Kiwan started the soccer season with the YMCA again and Kiwan even scored a goal. Keyon really improved his stealing and dribbling skills and became a real asset to the team. Possibly next year he will play for his school's team. Maybe Jeremiah too, he has voiced interest in playing also.
We also took a short trip downtown for thunder over Louisville. It's a huge fireworks and air show display on the Ohio river. The weather couldn't have been any better and we found the perfect spot at the park to lay out a blanket and watch everything.
This month we also celebrated Easter. Don't the boys look so handsome... just getting out of church.
Also this month we finally finally found our dream home !!!!!! Yayy..... we made an offer on April 7th and it was countered and we accepted!! Yayy.... now the grueling loan process begins.... luckily I have been through this once before.

May 2014

We have been going through the home loan process with our mortgage broker most of this month waiting on a closing date. We have sent in every bit of information and, I was just waiting for them to ask me and Roc for a blood sample and our first born child. That's all we had left lol, but finally we got a closing date of May 22nd and we are more than ready. As we headed out to the closing I made sure I had everything we needed, especially our down payment. We get there and Roc has forgotten his license... of course lol. We had to wait on him to drive 90 miles and hour all the way home and back to the law office but he made it and we began to sign a million and one documents before the seller handed over the keys :-)
 Also Mom and Dad came to visit! Yay we love having them here with us. We were even able to get a family portrait done with all of us together, minus RaShaad. Mom helped us so much with preparing us for the big move. First thing we did was downsize.... we must have taken 40 bags to goodwill and even dumped some old furniture. My mom and Roc's mom organized and packed up all of our pots, pans, bedding, clothing, pictures, electronics, and bunch of other stuff we accumulated over the years on Lenover. She also got us some great house warming gifts, new curtains and bedding from West Elm. Mom really has a good eye for interior decorating, so glad she was here. Can't wait for them to come back again soon!

June 2014

We had two of our kids graduate 5th grade this month. Keyon graduated from Carter Traditional with an honor roll all year award. We were VERY proud of him! Only 3 students in his whole class earned this award. His grandma, aunt Reshia, cousins and even his mom and uncle were able to join us for the ceremony. Jeremiah also graduated 5th grade from Jacob elementary. The ceremony was very fun with lots of entertainment.

July 2014

This month we took a family trip back to our favorite beach, Panama City Beach, Florida. We had awesome weather and a lot of fun swimming and playing in the sand. It was also 4th of July weekend so we got to see multiple awesome fireworks shows right outside of our hotel patio while sitting in our beach chairs. We also took one day to spend at the water park near our hotel called Shipwreck Island. I was worried about Junie being scared to get on any of the rides but he was more excited to go than I was. 


September 2014

Junie and I were able to take a short trip to Seattle to visit my parents. The weather was really nice and we were able to go to a lot of parks and let Junie run around. We also took a day to ride the monorail to the Seattle Center, I think this was the most fun Junie had. At the Seattle Center we went to the children's museum which Louisville is lacking and took a few pictures in front of the fountain. Although we were not able to stay very long, it was really nice to visit with the family. It's so hard being far away from them on a daily basis. 


We even got to ride the water front Ferris on our last day which was a first for me. The views were amazing with the sun shining on the water, but the best part was spending time with my mom.

October 2014 

It's Halloween season and this year Junie was a little sidekick Robin and Keyon was a very scary robot thing. This is the first year Junie actually knew what was going on and he was very happy to get all the candy. The only thing he didn't quite get was that he could not stop and eat it every time some one dropped something in his bag. Waiting is a very hard concept for a just turned 2 year old. That's right, Junie had a birthday this month too. Since he loves all things that go, I made him a yellow dump truck cake which he loved. Can't believe how time flies, he's not a baby anymore, as he likes to say "I a big boy"